Batting - Felting & Quilts

Our felting and quilting batts are made exclusively with wool from our handspinning flock. Clean fiber that is too short to spin and wool from areas not covered by a blanket are processed into soft, lightweight, naturally flame retardant batting. Colors range from white to off-white ivory to grayish brown shades. Occasional small bits of vegetation may be present in the batts. This will not interfere with your quilting. When ordering, please double check the dimensions and choose your batts based on the actual size in inches, not the "name" of the size. I have found that one man's "twin" is another man's "single" and so on.


Cradle36 x 45$35.00Sorry, Sold Out
Crib45 x 60$40.00
 2 available in white
Lap45 X 72$40.00Sorry, Sold Out
Single60 X 90$45.00
 1 available in white
Twin72 X 90$50.00
 1 available in white
Double81 X 90$55.00
 1 available in white
Queen90 X 90$60.00
 1 available in white
King108 X 90$70.00Sorry, Sold Out