Cotswold Wool Rug Yarn

Rug punchers and rug hookers - our own Cotswold wool rug yarn will give your project a special look and feel. Cotswold is a luster longwool, meaning the fiber is shiny, sturdy and perfectly suited for rugs, upholstery and other items that receive hard wear. Cotswold wool takes dye beautifully and it's slightly rustic texture will make each project uniquely yours. Cotswold is naturally a creamy white wool rather than a stark glaring white and it's soft ivory color will coordinate rather than conflict with your palette.

Cotswold rug yarn natural white
Cotswold wool takes dye like a dream!

Worsted weight Cotswold rug yarn

Worsted weight - this three ply yarn is perfect for Oxford fine needles and slips through the eye without snagging or dragging. It measures at 11 wpi and approximately 530 yards/lb. 

100 yards/3 oz. skein

Bulky Cotswold Wool Rug Yarn
Bulky weight - this three ply yarn is perfect for Oxford regular needls and slips through th eeye without snagging or dragging.  It measures at 7 wpi and approximately 320 yards/lb.  

100 yards/5 oz. skein

Larger quantities available!  Please  email us with your needs and we can create a custom order just for you!