Raw Wool Fertilizer Pellets

What are raw wool fertilizer pellets?

Waste wool - too short, too greasy, weak, stained, too much VM - which would be otherwise thrown away is processed into neat little pellets for use in flower pots, hanging baskets, garden plots, house plants, flower beds and everywhere you want plants to thrive.  The waste wool is chopped into tiny short pieces and compressed under heat (which kills weed seeds!) into easy to handle and store pellets.

handful of wool pellets

Wool pellets can hold up to three times their weight in water.  Mixed into the soil they will aid in water retention in sandy soils and reduce the frequency of watering.  They are very helpful in hot dry areas and places where daily watering is difficult, such as cemetery pots!  Mixed into clay soil, wool pellets will improve porosity and aid drainage and root penetration.  Finally, wool pellets act as a gentle fertilizer, providing nitrogen, potassium and a host of micronutrients essential for robust plant growth.  Wool pellets are all natural and safe for bees, wildlife, pets and people!  (However, don't let pets consume them.) 

wool pellet analysis

Wool pellets can be used at a rate of half a cup per gallon of potting soil, or one pound per 10-15 square feet of garden area.

Be a smart gardener and use our Clever Sheep Raw Wool Fertilizer Pellets to improve your plant growth in all situations!

Clever Sheep Raw Wool Fertilizer Pellets

One Pound Bag - $18.00

Half Pound Bag - $10.00

pound and half pound packages  

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