Frame Covers

Frames for rug hooking and punch needle work come in a variety of sizes and shapes but they all have one thing in common - those very sharp gripper teeth!  They are perfect for holding your foundation cloth in place but they are very unfriendly to your skin.  Even with a project on the frame those needle-sharp teeth will poke through the cloth at the corners and cause pain and cursing.  Not to worry!  We have the solution - Frame Cozies!  Our thick, faux "fleece" covers will protect your hands and surroundings while you work.  You can use a cozie to cover your naked frame in storage, too!  

Our cozies come in three sizes:

small frame cozie on small punch needle frame

SMALL - $17

Fits our regular and large punch needle frames or any frame with up to a 40 inch circumference
(Color: navy blue/black/purple with checks or pattern)

medium frame cozie on 10X10 oxford frame
MEDIUM - $22

Fits our 10X10 and 12X12 Oxford punching frames and our 10X10 and 11X11 rug hooking frames or any frame up to a 56 inch circumference
(Color: shades of pink with checks or pattern)

large frame cozie on 18X18 oxford frame
LARGE - $27

Fits our 14X14 and 18X18 Oxford punching frames and our 12X15 rug hooking frames or any frame up to a 80 inch circumference
(Color: light blue/teal with checks or pattern)

Do you need a custom size?  Please  email - we may be able to help you!

*NOTE - our website adds shipping charges based on the dollar amount of the order.  We will always refund the unused portion of the shipping fee if more than three dollars extra is charged.