Rug Punching Kits

Are you ready to learn rug punching and need a kit to get started?  Introducing.....

Patriot Quilt Squares

Patriot Quilt Squares

This pattern is our own design and planned to help beginners get a good start rug punching.  Our BASIC kit contains the pattern hand drawn on serged monk's cloth, plenty of yarn to punch the design, helpful printed guidance and a blunt tapestry needle for finishing the work.  We can tailor components to meet your needs.

Do you already have tools and yarn and need ONLY the pattern?  

Patriot Quilt Squares Pattern

PATTERN alone, drawn on serged monk's cloth

Do you need a pattern with yarn and a little instruction?  Maybe you love the idea of rug punching and picked up a punch needle elsewhere but haven't gotten around to drawing a pattern and gone stash diving for yarn.  Our Patriot Quilt Squares Beginners kit gives you the materials you need to punch and finish a small mat (8.5" X 8.5").   This BASIC KIT (without punch needle) includes our Patriot Quilt Squares design drawn on serged monk's cloth, plenty of our Cotswold wool rug yarn (natural white and dyed red, blue and gold), printed guidance for best results and a blunt tapestry needle for whip stitching the edges to finish.

Patriot Quilt Squares BASIC KIT

Patriot Quilt Squares BASIC KIT (NO needle)

Our worsted weight Cotswold rug yarn fits perfectly in an Oxford #14 needle (see info on needle sizes on  this page).   If you do not already have this needle or a similar one we can add a boxed #14 Oxford needle to your kit.

Patriot Quilt Squares Kit With Needle

Patriot Quilt Squares KIT WITH NEEDLE

What will you use to keep your foundation cloth taut?  It needs to be stretched very tightly for your punching to go well.  We strongly urge the use of a frame with gripper strip teeth.  Add our 10" X 10" rug punching frame (which fits this pattern perfectly) to the kit and needle set.

PQS kit with needle and frame


The boxed Oxford needle includes a small, simple pamphlet of instruction.  For the best and most complete rug punching directions add Amy Oxford's newest edition of Punch Needle Rug Hooking.  This marvelous book is THE authoritative work on all things punching.  How to punch, how to design a pattern, how to choose colors, how to estimate how much yarn you need, finishing your work, tips and tricks all along the process of punching rugs, a gallery of inspirational work and so much more all presented with clear text and beautiful photos.

Patriot Quilt Squares Kit with Needle, Frame, Book


Patriot Quilt Squares Kit Deluxe!  For a really complete kit add a frame cover.  Our thick and soft frame covers will wrap around your frame and protect your hands and wrists from those gripper teeth.  They are sharp!  Our deluxe Patriot Quilt Squares rug punching kit truly gives you absolutely everything you need to get started in the rug punching craft - our pattern drawn on monk's cloth, yarn, tapestry needle,  #14 Oxford rug punch needle, 10X10 gripper frame, Amy Oxford's Punch Needle Rug Hooking book and a frame cover (cover color will vary).  
Patriot Quilt Squares Kit Deluxe

Patriot Quilt Squares Kit DELUXE