Sheep & Wool Resources

May we tell you about some of our favorite resources?Talking Lamb - Cotswold

Sheep Health Websites and Articles
Portal to many articles on health, breeding, feeding, managing and marketing sheep and goats
Broad and basic information on lifecycle and control of internal parasites
The case against routine deworming of sheep
Article discussing the importance of selenium and benefits of supplementation
Discussion of copper metabolism in sheep including toxicity
Information on the USDA program to eradicate scrapie from the US sheep population and requirements for sheep producers

Reference Books
The Merck Veterinary Manual provides comprehensive, up-to-date, and accurate animal heath info.

Sheep Husbandry Supplies
Specializing in sheep and goat supplies, clipper blades/combs/cutter sharpening, and portable electric fencing
Fabric coats for sheep to keep fleeces clean
Sheep coats to keep fleeces clean. Also teaches fiber art classes and workshops
Quality sheep products including trusted brands and good prices (other species, too)
Full line of supplies for sheep and other species' health and care. Can consult with vets on staff
Specializing in sheep and goat handling equipment, gates, chutes, pens and feeding systems
Source of organic seed, feed and animal health products
Clipper blades, combs, cutters and shears for livestock

Sheep and Fiber Festivals
Two day fiber festival dedicated to fiber art education with a special focus on hand spinning yarn
A small, one-day fiber festival with about a dozen local vendors of fiber and related goods
Large fiber festival two hours north of New York City
Fiber festival in central New York state.
A non-profit, educational organization promoting sheep and wool products in NJ.
The largest sheep and wool festival in the US.
Fiber festival in the heart of Kentucky
Michigan's largest fiber festival

Fiber Mills
Fiber mill in NY offering washing, picking and carding of all types of fiber. Excellent service!
Full service fiber mill in MI offering washing to spinning - long wools a specialty.
Full service fiber mill in PA offering washing to spinning yarn, also felt and core spun yarn
Full service fiber mill in MI offering full processing and many woolen products for sale
Full service fiber mill in CT offering washing to spinning yarn, also felt and shearing services
Fiber mill in MI offering processing to batting and roving.

Custom Spinning, Weaving and Knitting
Mill specializing in spinning and weaving your wool into blankets
Company producing quality knit socks using natural fiber yarns - works with farms/mills to help grow local fiber demand
Custom weaving of blankets from your yarns
Custom weaving of blankets, rugs and other products using your yarn (does no fiber processing)

Favorite Perodicals
THE magazine for hand spinners. Whether you use a spindle or spinning wheel, Spin Off is a must read!
Step into the world of weaving with Handwoven magazine, the best weaving magazine on the market!
Friendly, family style magazine for shepherds and fiber enthusiasts
Magazine covering a wide variety of topics on interest to shepherds.
Magazine for shepherds covering nutrition, health, management, emerging science and industry resources
The nation's largest all-breeds sheep magazine. Results posted of all sheep shows and sales.

Associations and Guilds
Promoting the art of spinning in upstate New York since 1985
Hand spinning guild in the Ithaca, NY area
American Cotswold Record Association
18 Elm St. PO Box 59, Plympton, MA 02367
PO Box 441, Manchester, MD 21102
The NCWGA assists members in the development and promotion of naturally-colored sheep and their wool.

Other Resources
Tannery for sheep skins and hides of other species.
Professional laboratory for testing of forage, soil and water samples.
Providing AI services for sheep from a large catalog of US and foreign registered rams.