Shawl Sticks

 Shawl sticks are a functional accessory used to hold your wearable textiles in place.  A good shawl stick will complement your shawl or scarf while making a little fashion statement of its own.  Cast from pewter exclusively for us, our dragonfly shawl stick will do just that.  Pewter is a neutral color, yet shimmers.  It catches the eye but won't clash with your garment.  Dragonfly is 6.25 inches long.  Body is slightly textured for fabric to hold onto but is NOT rough.  Tail point is reasonably sharp but smooth.  A fine gift for the dragonfly lover in your life or a treat for yourself.  

Dragonfly Shawl pin aloneDragonfly Shawl pin

Dragonfly Shawl Stick