Oxford Rug Punching Frames

Our frames for Oxford rug punching are made of solid cherry wood, feature Howard Brush gripper strips for secure placement of your foundation cloth and are deep enough (2.5 inches) to prevent any size Oxford punch from poking whatever lies beneath it. Our frames currently come in four sizes (dimensions are of the inner, working area). The largest two sizes are shipped disassembled to minimize shipping cost and assembly merely requires a #2 Phillips head screwdriver.  Note - these frames are not meant to be frequently taken apart and reassembled.  We can not be responsible for damage due to repeated screwing and unscrewing of the pieces.

ten by ten Oxford rug punching frame

10 X 10 Frame


Twelve by twelve Oxford rug punching frame

12 X 12 Frame


Fourteen by fourteen Oxford rug punching frame

14 X 14 Frame


18 X 18 Frame


Would you like a custom size?  We can do that!  Just  email us to discuss your needs and get a price quote.