Freezer Lamb

Nistock Farms is pleased to be able to offer our home-raised lamb for your table. We sell only our own lambs so we can guarantee the care, diet and conditions under which they were grown.

Our lambs are raised on our pastures and minimally supplemented with a grain ration based on corn and oats also grown here by ourselves. The lambs do receive lambhood vaccinations and deworming agents when needed to protect the health of the flock, but they are not given any growth hormones, or fed antibiotics or unnatural feed additives.

We trailer our lambs to the processing facility ourselves to ensure the safety and comfort of the animals. We use only Grizzly's in Hunt, NY to process our lambs. They are a fully USDA inspected facility and do a careful, professional job and are a pleasure to work with. Slaughter is accomplished quickly and humanely. Hides from those lambs are retrieved by us and prepared for the tanner who turns them into the lovely Sheepskins we sell. After inspection and cooling, the lambs are processed into the many popular cuts and ground products we offer. All are sealed in clear plastic vacuum wrap to provide shelf life of a year or more.

We are currently transitioning out of producing freezer lamb.  We do still have a limited amount of some cuts.  Please contact us to inquire.